Woman dies after breast enlargement surgery in Karen – PHOTOS

  • PublishedJune 14, 2018

A family in Nairobi is in mourning following the death of a woman after a botched breast augmentation surgery in Karen.

Juliet Wanza Mulupi died of sepsis, an infection that takes effect when the body’s immune system releases chemicals into the bloodstream to fight an infection.

The procedure was carried out by an unidentified surgeon in his office last week, reports the Star.

Wanza was discharged after a seemingly uncomplicated surgery but developed severe abdominal pain that worsened.

The mother of three was taken to the Nairobi Hospital for review on Wednesday and was immediately admitted to the High Dependency Unit, then the ICU.

Medics discovered that her intestines had been cut or punctured in the first surgery, apparently during a fat transfer augmentation. Her blood pressure was dangerously low.

Breast augmentation has been gaining popularity, with a number of women opting for the procedure as reconstruction after breast cancer surgery or for cosmetic purposes.

The most common methods involve the use of silicon or saline implants. A surgeon makes an incision under the breast, then lodges the implants.

Fat transfer is one of the newest methods of breast augmentation and one of the few that do not involve the use of silicone, a synthetic material.

In fat transfer, liposuction is used to obtain fat from other parts of the body to be implanted in the breasts.


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