Even after winning  Ksh 100 million, Franciscan brother, Peter Tabichi, continues to show his selfless nature.

Below are some of the ways in which the philanthropic teacher aims to spend his fortune.

Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School

Owing to its poor infrastructure and Mr. Tabichi’s love for sciences,  the school will get a new computer laboratory with internet connectivity. The Physics and Mathematics teacher will also partner with BKCR, an integrated hardware and software that designs and engineers self -powered, mobile WIFI services to Keriko and the neighbouring schools.

Science Website

To further strengthen the ability of his students in sciences, Mr. Tabichi will direct some of his monies to the designing of a science website. Through the website, Keriko students will be able to share their scientific innovations with the world. More to that, inter-school science project competitions, science, and talent-nurturing clubs will be launched to further empower the students in his school and those that neighbour it.

Source : Associated Press

Empowerment Workshops for colleagues

His colleagues at Keriko will not be forgotten either. Through the help of local organizations, Mr Tabichi will host awards, talks and workshops to motivate fellow teachers.

Environmental  Projects

Pwani Village, where Keriko Secondary School is located, is a remote area in Nakuru which occasionally faces drought. To alleviate the levels of drought in his community, the Franciscan brother will develop an agricultural project focused on developing kitchen gardens in which drought-resistant crops will be planted. He will also invest in planting indigenous trees to mitigate climate change as well as install biogas and solar energy for needy people and schools in the area.


The 36- old-teacher will also sponsor the education of a few bright but needy students.

But before he engages in all these good deeds, he should proceed with caution as winnings from  a merit award for outstanding contributions to science, art or the community  are fully taxable.

“Since the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) classifies monies from winnings and awards as income, Peter Tabichi might have to part with sh30 million from his sh100 million award in Pay as You Earn (PAYE), which is levied at 30 per cent of one’s gross earnings,” a tax expert told the Standard Newspaper.

Mr Tabichi, was given the Ksh 100 million token after bagging the Global Teacher Prize award last Sunday in Dubai. Tabichi was selected as the best teacher in the world by Varkey Foundation from 10,000 nominees hailing from 179 countries.