Teachers are a huge part of our lives, both our own and that of our children and it wouldn’t hurt to appreciate them every once in a while. In case you’re wondering how here are a few ideas.
1. Personalised pencils
Kids borrow stationery from teachers a lot and more often than not end up not returning them. Personalized pencils are great because they are easy to identify and get back.
2. Picture scrapbook
Everyone loves a trip on memory lane and something to hold on to. A scrapbook with pictures and notes from students and parents is a great sentimental gift that will have them feeling really appreciated.
3. Desk Plants
Plants are a great way to bring life into a room. For this, carefully select plants that are easy to keep alive and don’t require much maintenance, for instance, aloe vera or cactus.
4. Thermal cup
A thermal cup is a great idea since teachers are always on the go and need coffee or tea to keep them going through the day.
5. Spa Voucher
A voucher to a spa is a wonderful luxurious gift to help a teacher unwind and relax from all the work.
6. Fruit basket.
An apple for the teacher is always a good idea. Buy some nice crisp apples, put them in a small affordable basket, and you’re good to go. Choose fruit that can sit on the teacher’s desk all day without refrigeration.
7. A jar of candy or gum
Who doesn’t love some candy or gum?? Fill up a cute jar with assorted sweets or gum to be placed on their desk.
8. Your time
Time is a priceless resource. Volunteer to help out with class activities like art , PE or music.
9. A beautiful journal
Teachers definitely have a lot to keep on record and remember. Gift your teacher with a nice journal that suits their taste .