There are so many breastfeeding myths that, especially for new mums, it can be difficult to separate fact from opinion. Most people are always quick to give advise to mothers. Not only can the mum be so overwhelmed by the new information, but some of the information regarding breastfeeding is untrue. Some common breastfeeding myths are as follows:

Small breasts do not produce enough milk

The size of the breast is determined by fat. Fat has nothing to do with the milk production levels. Here are some reasons for low breast milk supply.

Breastfeeding makes the breasts sags

It is not breastfeeding that makes the breasts sag. During pregnancy the ligaments below the breasts stretch. More so, weight gain during pregnancy may cause your breasts to grow heavier, thus making them droop to some extent. There are so many benefits of breastmilk for the baby, so do not be discouraged from breastfeeding your baby on the account of this myth.

Implants make it impossible to breastfeed

Most women with breast implants breast feed normally. Most implants are inserted near the armpit, unless the doctor has to do surgery on the nipple in order to insert the implant, implants do not affect much.

Weaning has to be done in less than a year

Weaning should be done from six months, but that does not mean you should stop breastfeeding your child in that year. In fact, breastfeeding your child for up to two years is beneficial for both of you.

You have to wean to get back to work

Nobody said this. Most breastfeeding moms can still feed their babies in the morning and when they get back from work. There is the option of pumping milk in the course of the day so the breasts do not become too engorged.

You must give the baby both boobs

You mustn’t. If your baby is full after taking from one breast and they are healthy, do not force them to take the other one. You can pump the untouched breast so it is not too swollen.

Breastfeeding has to be painful

If you are in extreme pain, something is wrong. Find the right position and let a professional help you.

Babies are naturals at breastfeeding

They have natural reflexes to seek out the breast but there is no guarantee that they will latch properly or that you will know what to do on the first try. It is a learning process and you should allow a nurse or a professional to guide both of you.

You cannot take medication while breastfeeding

You can take medication while breastfeeding. Only you have to ensure the medication is suitable for lactating mothers.

You cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding

The chances of breastfeeding in the first six months are slim because by then your periods may have not returned. However, it is very possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.

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