10 celebrities who recovered their marriages after cheating scandals

Most people swear that if their partners ever cheat, they will leave that marriage so fast, without a single doubt. However, most married couples tend to think that there are

  • PublishedMarch 4, 2020

Most people swear that if their partners ever cheat, they will leave that marriage so fast, without a single doubt. However, most married couples tend to think that there are bigger tragedies in marriage, than infidelity. This is not to trivialize infidelity – it is the ultimate betrayal and most marriages collapse when adultery finds its way in. These celebrity couples have shown, however, that is going to take more than infidelity to break them up.

Terrence Creative

Famous for his ‘Kamami’ act, Terrence Creative sent the social media sphere into overdrive when he admitted to cheating on his wife with then teenager Anita Soina. Milly Chebby, his wife, was so pained by the incidence, as she revealed in a recent interview, that she almost lost her will to live. Terrence apologised to her publicly, a sure sign that the bad days are over and they are now working to build their marriage and raise their oh-so-gorgeous daughter – Millah.

Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina’s cheating scandal almost broke his marriage and his career. The talented musician had a fling wit Tusker Project Fame star Valerie Kimani, that resulted in a child. He and his wife managed to work around the cheating and during an interview, he expressed how remorseful he was for the mistake. He was grateful that his wife was willing to give him a second chance.

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Larsa Pippen

Wife to former NBA player Scott Pippen proves that even women make mistakes. Kim Kardashian’s bossom friend was exposed for cheating with rapper Future. A lot  of men wouldn’t contemplate going back to a cheating spouse but Scott proved he was different. The two reconciled after 4 months of being apart. They are now back raising their beautiful children together. Also look at men who forgave their cheating spouses.

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Jay Z

This cheating scandal was bigger than Brad Pitt leaving Jenn for Angelina Jolie. At least for the hip hop world it was. It was unfathomable how someone would even consider stepping out on Queen Bee. Becky with the good hair must have  been quite persuasive. Jay admitted on an interview that he indeed was unfaithful after much speculation. The two used music and couple’s therapy as a tool to heal and are still together.

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Kevin Hart

He cheated on his model wife Eniko Parrish while he was in Las Vegas. She was at home heavily pregnant with their child. Video and photographic evidence did some rounds on social media which prompted him to confess. Their bond was however stronger than his transgression because they found a way to move on.

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Dwayne Wade

As a result of him sleeping with another woman during a break with Gabrielle Union, a child was born. At that time Gab was herself going through fertility issues. The two had a baby girl last year through a surrogate. They seem to be quite happy together often photographed together socially and online. Dwayne admitted that he messed up and they love each other so they made it work again.

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DL Hughley

Not afraid to tell it like it is DL addressed his cheating also during an interview. He admitted that some years back he was unfaithful to his wife and got another woman pregnant.The baby was unfortunately killed by the woman’s jealous boyfriend when he violently shook him. Hugley’s wife stayed classy about it even condoling with the other woman when they bumped into each other at an airport. She also forgave all the other affairs he had.

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Justin Timberlake

You would be mistaken to think someone who got cheated on before knows not to do the same. Even after Britney Spears,  Justin broke his wife’s Jessica Biel’s trust. It happen on two occasions, first with Olivia Munn when they were filming Perfect couples.

The second time was when he was during Palmer’s shooting with co-star Alisha Wainwright. He gave a public address saying he was drunk the second time. Jessica left him in March 2011 but they soon go back together in June of the same year.

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Snoop Dog

Snoop and his wife were high school sweethearts. They have been married since 1997, divorced in 2004 and renewed their vows in 2008. In 2018 an Instagram model infamous for sleeping with rappers claimed the two were having an affair. She did so as revenge for Snoop leaving her on a curb to get an Uber by herself. Shante was unfazed and even posted her wedding ring to show all was well in the Broadus clan.

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David Beckham

He played ball and his wife fashion mogul Vistoria Beckham, a former Spice girl and mother of four. It was with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos. She was later let go after the news broke out. The British ‘royals’ managed to work it out and are still together to this day.

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