It is not only among women that choosing marriage partners doubles up as a key career decision. It is for the men too, and choosing marriage partners can be daunting. A study by Clark University in the US has found that 86 per cent of young adults (aged 18-29) expect their marriages to last a lifetime. But how do you know that the person you have picked will last that long with you?

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Making beauty a priority

Every man wants a good-Looking wife, it is a natural instinct in fact. But prioritizing beauty at times makes you overlook the most important things that form the foundation of marriage. Mutual respect, hard work,  good communication are some of the things that make the foundation of marriage. Sacrificing them upon the altar of beauty will be the beginning of sadness ever after.


Communication is key in not just marriages, but all relationships. Men need partners who know how to vocalize their needs and air their grievances in a mature, sober way. There are enough frustrated men in marriages today who have to endure verbal abuse they never foresaw in their wives. At the same time, keep in mind that communication is two-way. Men should learn how to effectively communicate as they expect from their spouses.

Overlooking sexual connection

This can be a tough one since most people prefer to wait ill marriage before their first sexual encounter. But sexual incompatibility is real and should be taken seriously. Sexual connection or chemistry, however, is not just founded on the act of sex. It is important to be attracted to your partner.

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Not looking for someone with common ground                                                                   

    Having a different  and huge differing opinions of family , career, politics and cultures between two people can be a great hindrance to a long lasting marriage. When looking for a lifetime partners, most men tend to ignore their would-be wives background. Take for instance, the man who almost married his step-sister! 

Taking little time in knowing each other                                                                                   

Getting to know who you are going to marry is very vital. Most men are so taken by the  first impression that they do not take time in knowing their partners  well. Falling in love is always easier than staying there.