10 Signs He is a Serial Cheater

Th last thing you want in a relationship, is to find yourself dating a serial cheater, or a community husband as anchor Lilian Muli would conveniently call such a person. 

  • PublishedJuly 3, 2019

Th last thing you want in a relationship, is to find yourself dating a serial cheater, or a community husband as anchor Lilian Muli would conveniently call such a person.  Sometimes you only find out about your partner’s cheating ways when you are in too deep. Other times you blatantly ignore the tell-tale signs until it is too late. Be on the look out, these are 10 signs he is a serial cheater.

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Lies through his teeth

Serial cheaters have perfected the art of lying, that is why it is called cheating anyway. They will lie about anything, even when the truth is more convenient. If he is lying about the small things and his stories never seem to add up, he is probably lying about being exclusive too.

No emotional investment

If he seems to have no emotional investment in the relationship, that will be because there are so many of you, and not sufficient emotional investment to go around. If the relationship is important to someone, it will show.

Won’t let you near his phone

We all value our privacy, no doubt. However, there is a fine line between privacy and being downright sneaky. Sneaky is what happens when the phone is always on airplane mode, on silent, when phones are received away from you and when he carries his phone everywhere, even to the bathroom and washroom.

Admitted to cheating before

While admission to cheating before can be regarded as coming clean and being honest, which is admirable by the way, it could point to more trouble. If he has cheated before, there is no guarantee he will not do it again. This is especially true if he…

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Blames his exes for his cheating

However bad a relationship is, the ultimate decision to cheat lies with the individual. If someone cheats, is because they set out to do it, deliberately, the consequences notwithstanding. If someone keeps blaming their exes for their past infidelity, you can bet a coin he will be blaming you for his infidelity to another girl.

Infidelity sympathizer

If his sentiments are supportive or sympathetic to infidelity, he is a hallowed member of the infidelity club. If he donwplays cheating and says things such as ‘everybody cheats’ ‘cheating is not that serious’ ‘what if it only happens once’ ‘sometimes it is not a person’s fault’, then congratulations, you have won yourself a serial cheater.

Lack of commitment

Lack of commitment is a good sign he is a serial cheater. Serial cheaters never want to commit and be held down. This way it will be easier to up and leave when things get murky.

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Steers away from serious talk

Serial cheaters prefer to keep things light. They will avoid serious talk like the plague. Discussions that revolve around the two of you and your future together will be brushed aside. They want to live in the moment, keep on the sunny side, enjoy the thrill of the new relationsip but never make an effort to advance things.

Prince Charming

Most serial cheaters are charming, how do you think they keep a whole string of girls? While not every charming man is a serial cheater, most serial cheaters are notoriously charming. They have perfected the art of drawing women out of their cocoons. Their vast experience helps them know what appeals to ladies, what they like to hear and what they love and they use it against them.

Never wants to change

Most serial cheaters are never apologetic for their cheating ways, they have no intention to change. They will in fact come up with excuses for living the way they do.

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