Tips for living with mean relatives

  • PublishedJuly 3, 2019

Our own kin can sometimes turn out to be our worst enemies.  Living with people you are related with gives a sense of familiarity and comfort, but not always. This is especially true if your relatives are judgy or mean. However, sometimes you have nowhere else to go so it is best to respect them by all means. A wise man once said, never bang the door on your way out. Here are some of the tips for living with mean relatives..

Be still and maintain peace.

You might be judged harshly even for things you never did. Your anger can be provoked from time to time, but remember to keep calm. You are at their premises and they can choose to do as they wish. It will be prudent to maintain peace and never argue with relatives. Save the tomorrow by avoiding being at odds with them. Be skilful enough to walk away from unnecessary fights.

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Choose to understand the situation.

Being understanding puts you in a better position to let go. But when you push to revenge then woe unto you. Return the hand by doing acting in kindness. Learn to practise humility and develop a listening and understanding ear, however much you grow anxious and feel judged. Remind yourself that all will be well. Later on you may approach them and try to iron things out, but do no do it when you are angry.

Let go, allow the other person win.

This might hurt your ego, but letting go in a conflict does not make you weak. Actually, it is a unique sign of maturity. Learning and developing the elusive trait of letting go can save a great deal. Learn to listen for the sake of understanding, you might not agree with what they are saying but it shows a sense of respect. Let the other party win the argument, don’t be too defensive and never act difficult. Lose the battle but secure your dignity.

Speak out the pain.

Do not suppress the pain that another person made you feel. You might not necesary talk to them but you can find someone who will understand you. Mean people can be judgy and unfair and their criticism might bite. Face the pain and do not ignore it. In addition, never act out of order. It is wise to address your feelings by talking to someone who understands you better. Bottom line, make peace with yourself.

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