10 things to never do after your man cheats

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2019

Cheating sure invokes some pretty intense emotions, and while in this state, you might do things everyone involved will regret. No matter the course of action you take, if your man cheats, do not take any of these actions.

Reacting immediately

Allow yourself to cool off and think rationally. People have committed the worst crimes while under this state. The  more time you allow yourself, the better prospects of approaching the matter rationally.

Call the other woman

Nothing good can ever come out of this. You will most likely end up exchanging insults and making the situation worse. Remember, it is not her who cheated on you, it is your man and that is where all blame belong. He is the one who is answerable to you and owes you an explanation. This other woman, is answerable to her partner if she has one.

Physically attack the other woman

This will only make her victim and earn her pity. You on the other hand, will be labelled the crazy, jealous woman.

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Get kids involved

They are not pawns, they are human beings who can be affected for life if you drag them into your disagreement. Leave the innocent beings out of that whole situation.

Try to get even

Avoid like the plague, any acts of revenge and malice. Do not have go out and cheat, this changes nothing. Do not go on a whole dirty rant on social media, keep the dirty linen in the house. Try not to burn all his clothes and no, you can’t paint slurs on his car or break his windshield either.

Fall apart

It is a hard time, but you are the only one who can hold yourself together. You will have to summon all willpower in order to look forward to a brighter day.

Let others decide whether you leave or not

This is the time to look at and put everything into perspective. Whether you leave or not is a decision that lies only with you. This will largely depend on how affected you are. If every time he is away all you can think is him being with another woman, staying might harm you even more. Meanwhile you can have a look at the top reasons why women choose to stay with men who cheat.

Do not ignore it

You know how they say silence means consent? In this case ignoring his cheating can be equated to approval. It might seem simpler than confronting the facts. The problem with this, however, is that it will eat you from inside.

Asking for the details

You might think that knowing everything will grant you closure, but in real sense, it will just make the cheating more vivid. The less you know, the better. What you do not know in this case, will hurt you less.

Blaming yourself

No matter how things are, the decision to cheat an individual. Do not beat yourself up over it.

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