Woman who fed stepdaughter menstrual blood sentenced to two years

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2019

A Ugandan court has sentenced a woman to two years in jail after she pled guilty for feeding her stepdaughter menstrual blood.

Annet Namata had mixed her period blood with food and forced her daughter to take it. Her friends had allegedly led her to believe this would make her stepdaughter go mad.

The court had initially set the sentence at seven years, but reduced it to two after Ms Namata pled for leniency. Since she pled guilty, the judge ruled that she saved the court a lot of time, thus granting her a lighter sentence.

Her husband Yunus Lungu, however, is far from thrilled with the sentence. Mr Lungu feels his wife ought to have been handed a longer sentence to teach her a lesson.

It is he who reported her to the police, after he learnt through the neighbours what she had been doing to his daughter.


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