3 main types of jeans for men

  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2019

Jeans are a basic component of any man’s wardrobe. A good pair of jeans goes a long way. They ensure you are properly dressed and last a long time, meaning they are efficient as a clothing item. Shopping for jeans however, can be quite the task if you do not have appropriate knowledge of what types of jeans are best for you. Jeans vary in terms of their fitting, structures, coloring style among other things. All these should be put into consideration when shopping for jeans. Size, build and height should also be considered as they play a part in the resultant look. Below are a list of the type of jeans for men.

Skinny jeans

There are two types of skinny jeans. They can be differentiated by their fit and structures. These include;

1.) Super skinny

Mostly made of elastane and a little denim material, these types of jeans are for the daring and bold. Their fitting structure is intended to hug the body frame in a way that is similar to leggings. Because of this, they aren’t recommended for the large in stature. Tall and slender guys are more likely to successfully pull off this look if it’s paired well. Styling these jeans requires you to understand proportions. Since super skinny jeans hug the frame, balance is achieved if paired with a baggy top. Pairing a super-skinny jeans with a tight shirt throws the look off and make you seem uncomfortable and is thus highly discouraged.


2.) Slim jeans

Slim jeans are a bit more loose at the leg area. These jeans do not hug the body frame as much, but they do have a slimming effect.This is because they allow the body to breath and do not expose any unflattering parts of the body. As a result of this, they can be worn by even the larger framed men. When styling skinny jeans, balance is key, a slightly baggy top is best for these type of jeans.

Straight jeans

These jeans are of uniform size from knee right down to the hem. As the name suggests it pretty much has the same diameter from top to bottom. People often opt for these if they’re looking for something not too slimming but at the same time not too wide at the hem. When pairing straight jeans go for tops that have the same fitting structure. Wearing something too tight makes you look uneven while wearing something baggy overwhelms the body frame.

All these types of jeans can however be customized depending on ones preference. Fashion is a form of expression after all and to each his own.

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