Kenyan women share how they met their husbands and it's super hilarious

  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2019

Kenyan women shared accounts of how they met their husbands on a popular Facebook parenting group  and they are super hilarious. Take a look at some of the responses.

Public toilet

“We met at the public toilet yeye akitoka mimi nikiingia and he waited for me outside!!!”

Job connections

“After college we met nikienda kusaka job..he told me ako Na connections niende next day..hadi wa leo Bado nangoja”

KSCE security officers

“Mine we met while I was sitting for KCSE…those police officers sent for security reasons😂😂😂😂we started with just hi,,,hi ,,,hi,,,after exams we became friends for 5 years n finally 2008 got married….blessed with two kids …..am the luckiest gal here on earth”

Anointing by fire

“Nilienda kesha that day kulikuwa na anointing adi wa leo ni 8 years anointing ni more fire”


“Mimi ng’ombe zililetwa kwetu halafu nikaambiwa niende kwa kina ng’ombe..9 yrs bado niko kwa kina ng’omb”

Further questions..

“Mine we met in high school science Congress I was doing a science talk in cancer so our science teacher told us if someone happens to ask a question that you don’t understand just tell them to see you after the talk to explain further he happened to raise his hand and pointed at me so I told him at the moment I have no and but just see me after the talk I will explain further he did as I instructed him he followed me out I fake was in f3 but was in f2 so we exchange school address but since he was in f4 we lost contact only to meet after was done with high school at a shopping mall he had already join the army the rest is history father to my 2babies unfortunately he died in the line of duty.”

Runs in the family

“Mine is complicated of you all no feelings mine was ule boy ukatia ur siz n ur siz ako na ka wote den he wanted me to talk to my siz coz alkua anamwonyesha to matharau so i was the mediator n boooom 6yrs down the line 5yr old boy plus team feb 2020”

Love in this club

“We meet in club 🤣🤣i was tipsy and since i had used too much money for my johnwalker i choose him to watch over it(ata sikuwa namjua) then 1 month we married it has now been 7months and happily married”

Wrong text

“He was texting someone else and accidentally the text came to me.. Alikosea tu one phone number digit.. and that’s how I got myself a boyfriend, who is now my husband.😎😎”


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