In a  statement that has riled Members of Parliament, the TSC now claims that the Standard Six pupil, Jackline Chepngeno, who took her life did not do so because her teacher shamed her over periods. Rather, her suicide, ostensibly, is the result of her mother’s alcoholism.

“Jackline’s parents separated a long time ago. He mother and all her siblings were staying at her maternal grandmother’s place. Unfortunately for Jackine, both her mother an grandmother are addicted to alcohol. It is Jackine who had the responsibility to undertake all the family’s chores,” says part of the report that was read by Chairman of the Education committee, Julius Melly.

The lawmakers have dismissed the report, terming it as an attempt to protect the teacher who shamed the pupil into suicide.

According to the statement, her classmates have said the teacher in question, Madam Jenifer Jemutai, never ridiculed her over her menses. It also says that the school has provided sanitary towels at the time of the incident.

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