As much as most people are stuck at home with their partners due to covid-19, working from home and entertaining kids can creep up on you such that  you have no time for your partner. However, coronavirus does not mean that romance is should be forgotten. To make sure you spend more time together, keep the romance alive by getting creative around the house with these ideas.

In-house picnic

Think about it, this is easier to set up than going somewhere outside especially with the chilly, rainy weather being experienced around this time. Make some sandwiches or other picnic-worthy goodies or sip some wine at the comfort of the house.

If kids are around, your bedroom should work just fine if you are not messy and you can watch a movie while at it. Alternatively, you could surprise your partner with breakfast in bed and have a lazy morning enjoying each other’s company.

Give massages


Running around the house taking care of the kids or tending to house chores is no joke, especially now that it has become routine. Being hunched over a computer working can also be hard on your back and neck muscles.  Take time to give each other soothing massages as you wind down your day. Make things extra special with massage oil or scented candles and some relaxing  music.

Exercise together

Although exercising is not anyone’s first pick  for romance, exercising together can do wonders for your intimacy. If you are keen on keeping fit while gyms are closed, why not kill two birds with one stone by exercising with your partner? You can set aside some time daily to work out together as you encourage each other and boost your endorphins at the same time.You could also take dancing classes that can help you with keeping fit and increasing intimacy with your partner.