Lizz Ntonjira is a Former NTV news anchor, who bagged several accolades such as being best TV reporter on Gender Development before moving on to greener pastures at IBM, where she is currently the external Relations Leader at the East Africa branch located in Nairobi. Lizz shares with us secrets to her success.

Believe in yourself.

Get this; Lizz had her first article published when she was 10! She didn’t even look for the job that got her debut as a TV personality at K24; the managing editor literally approached her with a proposal after he watched her talk to young people on writing. Oh and she was just 20 then. And so far, she’s quit 2 ‘dream jobs’ to explore her potential. Lizz just oozes self-confidence and firm belief in her abilities. Take it from her; nobody else got you like yourself!

No Pain, no gain

Roses are red, violets are blue, hard work shows God works. Help is only granted to those who deserve it and Lizz earned every single thing in her life through hard work. Even the glamorous anchoring job isn’t as simple as you may think, she says, “I had to spend a lot of time reading, researching and was also expected to be super creative.” That said, she was so good at her job that she was in Nation Media Group’s Talent retention scheme, whose sole purpose is recognizing key talent within the organization.

Build the right networks

The law of attraction is always at work. Lizz’s advice is to surround yourself with optimistic and positive people and do your best to pick up on the trait. With a positive outlook in life, you open yourself up to amazing possibilities. Even though she left just after 2 years, Lizz is grateful to K24, for she says, it served as an eye opener and was a major career boost.

All your interactions should be meaningful

Everyone you meet has a lesson for you. Make sure you pick up on it. At the end of every day, assess all your meetings, or interaction and try to understand its significance. Whether pleasant or unpleasant, there is something about life, your career or even yourself that our interactions build on.