While most people are familiar with the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby, not many know there are are many physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for the mum too.

Loss of pregnancy weight

Most mums struggle with losing the weight they gained during pregnancy. Breastfeeding burns extra calories, thus you can lose the weight much faster. The fat gained in the course of pregnancy is used in the production of milk, thus prolonged breastfeeding can be directly linked to post-delivery weight loss. The rates of weight loss vary from mother to mother.

Keeps health in check

Studies have found that prolonged breastfeeding can contribute to the prevention of reproductive cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Other studies have also linked it to prevention of lupus and arthritis.

Post-delivery benefits

Breastfeeding has important post-delivery benefits for the mum. For one, causes the body to release the oxytocin hormone that helps induce post delivery uterine contractions, thus returning the uterus to its normal size. This also helps prevent uterine bleeding after birth.

Way cheaper

The option to breastfeeding often in buying formula, which comes with a set of other expenses including bottles. Breastmilk is readily available and does not need any further preparation for the baby.


During breastfeeding, the mother’s body releases hormones that relax, reduces anxiety and helps her bond better with her baby.

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