Children look up to their parents for guidance on a lot of things they come across. One of them is how they perceive themselves and others. During this time, what you say to your child highly impacts how they see the world and generally how they will take in external influence.

When it comes to body image, positive affirmations set the path to a positive self-image. As a parent, it is your role to affirm your child and help them to be comfortable in their skin. Some of the affirmations you can tell your child include:

You are beautiful inside and out

From a young age, echo to your child that they are beautiful until these words are engraved in their hearts. Teach them that beauty isn't just on the surface but rather, on the inside too. Equip them with skills such as kindness and empathy so that they can understand one's beauty is in their actions.

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Your body deserves love and care

Guide your child to the realization that loving and caring for their body brings with it the reward of good health and well being. Set aside days for self-care when they can pamper themselves and have a treat to thank their bodies. Instil in them the importance of nourishing their bodies through eating healthy foods. Moreover, introduce them to exercise and physical activity from a young age.

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The opinion of others on your body should not affect you

Parents dread when their children get bullied. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do to protect your child from negativity as there are days you won't be around to shield them from bullies.

If your child gets body-shamed, remind them that the opinion of others does not matter. Remind them that they are beautiful and bullies just project their insecurities.

You are unique and special

Point out your child's talents, achievements, and progress, and emphasize how special they are. Let them know that they are lucky to have these unique gifts in their lives.

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There is no one better to be than yourself

The pressure to live up to someone's lifestyle and image can be overwhelming for children. With the media portraying perfection in almost everything, your child might have a misguided idea of what a perfect body should look like.

Teach them that being themselves makes them authentic. Discourage the idea of changing who they are to fit society's standards. Let them embrace who they are-flaws and imperfections.

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That said...

Telling your child these statements will highly impact their confidence and mental well being. With time, encourage them to say these affirmations to themselves to push out negative thoughts.