Writing is without a doubt one of the most sought after skills in the current job market. This is also a skill that gives access to resources that may have otherwise been far placed since it is a very efficient tool to communicate ideas.

When it comes to nurturing this skill among children, it is important that you make it fun and longer lasting in the following ways.


As soon as your child is able to write down words, introduce them to journaling. The best way to make journaling fun is to start small and make them own it. A child will readily take up something that has become part of them as opposed to a duty. Make it seem like a rewarding experience after a long day by making their day's activities sound worthy of being written about.


Make your children read! No matter their disinterest; they will thank you for it sooner than later. However make it a point to build their interest in reading, start small and build on it, also make sure the books they read are written in simple understandable language. Books or articles with a lot of complex words tend to put off a reader.

The good thing about introducing children to reading at a tender age is, vocabulary will be second nature to them as they write. They will have all the words they need to build a story. When your child has access to the words they need to express themselves in writing, it makes it less daunting for them

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Speaking practice

It is said the best way to write is how one speaks, therefore your child will mange to write well by being able to speak equally well. Teach your child how to organise their thought before speaking. Teach them the different ways of expressing one's feelings in different circumstances that will still be understandable.


Movies do not 'rot' the mind of a child if used appropriately! They are a form of story telling and a great way to teach your child how a story should flow and how to engage different characters. Using movies to enlighten your child about different aspects of life and cultures is important. Besides, there are children who learn best by observing, hence the importance of movies.

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Exposure allows a child to engage all their senses. This gives them more ideas to write about and it also always them to have practical approaches to flavour their story through description. It would be impossible for your child to understand what to write about without them having lived the part.  

As a parent, your duty is not only to provide for your child and to discipline them, but also to nurture their talents and train them. This helps identify their talents quite early and gives them important life skills.

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