Have you ever bought what you thought was a perfect bra only to get home and realize it does not fit? With these simple tips, you will know what to look out for when buying bras.

Know your size before hand

Most stores will have someone at hand to get your measurements , but this is not always the case. To be on the safe side and for those says that you need to make a quick purchase, know your measurements before hand.

The sizes are often denoted by the strap size and the cup size. For instance 34D means your bust size is 34 and your cup size is D.

If you do not seem your size, you can use your sister size. You can go up a band and go down a cup and vice versa, that is what we mean by sister size. For instance, if you are a 32C, a 30D will most likely fit.

Firm band

The band that goes around your body should be firm, but not too tie that it makes you uncomfortable. It should rest horizontally on your back. If it rides upwards, that means it is too tight. It should also not be slack as this will make you feel like you have no support at all.

Most support comes from the band, that is why it is easy to wear strapless bras, but bras without bands can be quite impractical.

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Fitting cups

Your breasts should fit entirely into the cup, unless you are deliberately going for bra styles that are revealing. They should not spill out of the cup, neither should there be any bulging at the top and sides of the cup. This would only mean the bra is too small for you.


For bras that have wires underneath, the wires should rest flat against their ribcage. Bras with underwires that poke you in the middle of the chest and try to stab you to death should be disposed of immediately, however cute they are.

Firm bra straps

Also ensure the straps are firm. If they are digging into your shoulders, it could mean they are too small. If the are slipping despite adjusting them, they could be big. It could also mean the cups are too big.

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