5 Things you must remember when planning a friend’s wedding

  • PublishedJanuary 20, 2020

Your friend is about to get married and she asked you to help plan her wedding. If you’ve never helped plan a wedding before there are things you need to now before you do. Here are 5 things you must remember when planning a friend’s wedding

It will take a lot

Wedding days are filled with happiness, food and drinks- for the guests. The people behind the preparation however have to work their fingers to the bone to get good results. You will get to look everywhere for service providers, outfit materials, decorators, car services, caterers and more.

Going to one for each won’t work because not all of them will have what your friend is envisioning. It’s going to take a lot of patience on your part not to quit in the middle.


Find out if your friend would like a bridal shower. If it’s a surprise make sure to do some research about what she’d actually like. Involve her family in this because they might do traditional type of shower where she’d have to receive blessings and advice from her clan elders.

Religious families also have their unique ways of preparing people for marriage. Either way do your best to give her a nice welcome or send-off to married life.

Stick to the budget

All the shopping and seeking out of services can cause someone to go over the set budget. Here is where you have to come in and be the voice of reason when planning a friend’s wedding. Always remind her about how much she was prepared to spend.

The funds will have to be moved around here and there but don’t allow your friend to get into deep debt because of a one day affair. Be on top of sales and good deals to save that coin. Here are some Tips for planning a wedding on a budget

Tempers will flair

Wedding planning can bring out the absolute worst in people. Employ your emotional maturity and intelligence. The preparation will involve many people and all of them will want their suggestions to be considered. Maintain courtesy to her and especially her family.

On some days don’t even bring the wedding up so you both can relax for a bit. When worse comes to worst and you feel you cannot go on without straining the friendship, speak up. Just don’t do this at the last minute. If you have to back off at least make sure someone else can do the duties you took up.

She has the final say

It is HER day. That should be on your mind from the beginning up until the due day. You should make suggestions to help make things easier but don’t impose. Remember, she has been picturing her big day and it’s your job to help her realize it.

You might have to keep it to yourself if you the floral arrangements are strange.  After all, you are there to be a helping hand. Be happy for her all through and on the actual day.

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