Much has been said of social media,  most of it doom and gloom.  However, social media can be beneficial in so many ways if only you know how to use it in healthier ways. We share some tips on how you can make the most of social media.

Follow positive people

Find and follow people who inspire you on social media. People whose messages are positive and whose goals and values are aligned to yours. If you look really well, you will find that social media actually has people who create very good, uplifting content. Those are the people who deserve to be followed.

Unfollow en masse

Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself. Some people just have a way of making others feel unworthy on the socials.  If someone’s content is making you question your existence, find the unfollow button and make use of it. This is not being jealous, if someone is doing good, that’s good for them, it should inspire you to put in work too.  But if it’s having the opposite effect, wish them well with your finger on the unfollow button. Be very intentional with your unfollowing.

Limit time spent online

Nothing good ever comes from social media addiction. Do not let your phone be the first thing you reach for when you wake up and the last thing you touch before you sleep. Do not allow social media to replace real life relationship with friends and family.

Social media detox

Take sometime off the socials. It is not until you take sometime off,  that you will discover how much pressure social media puts on you.  We can bet on this. The first day will be the hardest,  but once you get to the routine of not checking your updates, life will be so much better. Refusing to come back after a good long detox is a very real possibility. But even if you do come back, you will not be the same. This is because you will have realised there is a whole lot to discover outside your phone.

Do not compare yourself to others

People don’t post their struggles on their walls. They only post the carefully crafted, filtered and staged highlights. You never see beyond the façade of perfection. When you compare yourself to them, you are actually comparing your real life to someone else’s few best moments. Some of these perfect people have it worse than you in real life. Once you realize this, you will start taking what people post with a pinch of salt.