You have probably heard it, you should drink up to eight glasses of water in a day. You should hydrate, every other health blogger waxes lyrical about drinking water. Besides if we were to start listing the benefits of water to our body, skin, hair and health, it would probably take a novel, a movie and forever to document.

We agree all the same that while it seems an attractive idea, it is not easy to drink as much water as we would like to. Eight glasses are a tad impractical, unless of course, we have the right motivation to down that many glasses of water in a day. The perfect motivation would be to add some flavor to the otherwise tasteless liquid. That, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the recipes of the day- fruit infused water.

Fruit-infused water mixes the goodness, flavour and aroma of select fruits to make it healthier, wholesome and easier to indulge. It is the go-to drink for people who would love to lose weight, reduce fat and also works well as a detoxifier. The options for fruit-infused water are so many, and here are just a few.

Try these five fruit-infused water recipes to boost your water intake

Lemon-cucumber water

This is by far the most common of them wall. You have probably seen your co-workers come to work dangling their precious water bottles of lemon-cucumber concoctions then going about the office as if they are the healthiest and most bourgeois beings on earth. Well, turns out they actually have something to brag about. Lemon is a decade old detoxifier and fat-burner. Cucumber aids in weight loss and is full of antioxidants. Water enriched with these two does a lot of good to whoever drinks them.

Source: Happy Foods Tube

Orange and kiwi water

Orange and kiwi water is rich in Vitamin C and plenty of minerals. Kiwi will help you with your sleep, if you have erratic sleeping patterns. The orange colour of oranges and that luscious green colour of the kiwi fruit makes for such good aesthetics. That alone will cause you to drink the required gallons of water in no time.

Source : Pinterest

Blueberry and lime water

Blueberry is low in calories but rich in antioxidants. It is high in nutrients and prevent damage to the DNA. Lime is known for its ability to improve digestion, diet and quality of skin. Thus this water is packed with the right nutrients required for good skin and excellent digestion.

Source: Stahlbush

The ‘everything’ infused water

The ‘everything’ infused water features all the fruits you can think of. It is like having a fruit salad – only this time you are drinking the flavours of the fruit in water. Now, this is water you can drink all day. It is rich in all the nutrients from the individual fruits that you select.

Source: FitBodyBuzz

Strawberry-basil water

Basil and strawberry water is rich in vitamins, boost immunity and aid faster absorption of minerals by the body.

Source: OMGfood

The fruits in the infused water can be used up to three times before they have to be changed. Get yourself some fruits today and reach your daily water quota!