Most women are still obsessed with tight vaginas, and have tried the worst of things to gain that elusive tightness. Certain harmful practices have been passed from girlfriend to girlfriend, with the promise that they would work. You have to first of all remember, that when it stops feeling tight down there, it is not your fault. Read what causes the vagina to feel loose here. Here are five vagina tightening myths that should be thrown out the window at the earliest convenience.


Many a con man have made a living swindling people on and off the internet, claiming to sell creams that tighten the vagina. Creams do not tighten the vagina. You first have to understand what causes the vagina to feel loose before thinking that creams can in any way tighten the vagina.

Having sex with fewer partners

You can read here on how frequent sex does not loosen the vagina. Consequently, cutting down on the number of sex partners does little to make the vagina tighter.

Pills and portions

Pills, portions and home-made concoctions will not aid in vaginal tightness either. The feeling of the vagina being loose is often brought about by weakening of pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are too far in the vagina and out of reach of creams and concoctions. Moreover, they may interfere with the pH of the vagina and give you more infections.

Using vinegar

Top on the list of absurd methods women have used to make little Miss V down their tighter, is the use of vinegar. Not only does vinegar not work, but it will leave you feeling all swollen and irritated down there. Moreover, it is highly acidic and is bound to throw off the delicate pH balance of the vagina.

Inserting herbs

Your vagina is the last place you want to insert unknown, unresearched herbs. Nothing good can ever come out of such experiments. The herbs cause swelling of the vulva and the vagina, thus giving a feeling of tightness during penetration. They can cause a multitude of reproductive health issues.