5 Ways to make a small room look bigger

Not all of us have the luxury of living in large spaces. However, smaller is better in so many ways. From being easy to clean, to decorating and organising. If

5 Ways to make a small room look bigger
  • PublishedFebruary 23, 2022

Not all of us have the luxury of living in large spaces. However, smaller is better in so many ways. From being easy to clean, to decorating and organising.

If you still need more space you can give your small space the illusion of a large space with the following tips.

Choose furniture that shows the legs

For a more spacious feel, pick furniture that you can see underneath. Most chairs, beds, and sofas have a skirt that could feel cramped. A bed, couch, or even a dining set with more exposed legs will make your room feel bigger as you can see the surface under them. The furniture gives off a sense of openness and movement and allows more light under and around the space.

Use reflective surfaces

You can use mirrors and reflective surfaces to create the illusion of a bigger house. If you hang a mirror near a window, it can reflect the light beautifully, making the room look bigger than it is. With different styles, designs, and finishes, you can achieve functionality and aesthetics.

You can use décor like a reflective table or tray that will reflect the walls of your house and make it look big. You can create alcoves with mirrors by placing them at the sides of your bed, making the room look longer. Also, using a mirrored wardrobe to minimize the amount of space used is a great idea.

Use light, airy and breezy drapes

What you use on your windows is crucial as using dark and heavy drapes will give your room a moodier look because of less light. They also weigh down the room.

Light curtains give the room a light and bright feel, which instantly makes the room look so much bigger. You could also use sheer curtains or linen to increase the airiness in the room. If you do not want plain curtains, you could get floral vines or even simple stripes to give the room a simple and minimalistic look. The curtains should run from the ceiling and end slightly above the floor.

Invest in good storage

Ensuring you have good storage is one of the essential tips for making a small room feel bigger. You can store your things vertically to minimize the amount of space taken up by storage.

Using storage items such as mounted shelves, hooks, furniture that has storage space, among others, to have more space that will make the room look even bigger. Have designated storage space for most things in your house to eliminate clutter and give the illusion of space.

Alternative storage spaces for small homes
Small living spaces like studios clutter easily and require creative ideas for storage.

Declutter your space

Decluttering your space makes you have so much room. Having things everywhere makes the room feel cramped and could sometimes overwhelm you. A large room could also feel overcrowded if it is cluttered. You could remove things that don’t need to be in the view and organize them.

Keeping things out of sight and neat will give your house an open feel. When decluttering, you don’t need to get rid of stuff you don’t want to.

In conclusion

You could implement the above tips to make the rooms in your house feel expansive. Stick to some of these tips, if not all of them, and see how they work out for you!

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