Most people like coconut milk but imagine procuring it being hard. Apart from the coast coconuts aren’t always available year round in other regions. But worry not, today the milk can be bought in stores countrywide. They come in cans, powders and tetrapacks to be used at your convinience. To add that tropical feel to your everyday recipes you can use it in;


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Soups and curries

Coconut milk was basically made for curries. It gives them that comforting fragrant taste. It can be added to any proteins or veggie curries if you’re vegetarian. Substitute water with the milk in soup to make them rich. If you think the soup will turn out watery opt for the powdered version of coconut milk.

Rice & chapatis

In both these dishes you just need to use it in the place of water. The coconut won’t overpower the meals because it has a mild flavour. It’s better for weight watchers because you can skip the vegetable oil when making coconut rice. Don’t skip the salt however as it enhances the flavour.

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Not a fan of some veggies yourself? Or are you trying to get your kids to try different varieties of them? Add some coconut milk to get rid of the bland taste associated with some greens. You now have a fun way to stay healthy along with the rest of the household.

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You can add coconut milk to your cakes, pies, cookies and cupcakes too. It can be a milk substitute for vegetarians or lactose intolerant people. Make some whipped cream by freezing it upside down overnight. Add sugar or sweetener to the thick cream you collect and whisk.

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Known to go well with rum, you can try coconut milk in your drinks. The great thing about it is it doesn’t curdle when mixed with citrus. The milk has natural sugars that will definitely add flavour to cocktails.

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