Survival guide for meeting your in-laws the first time

If you really love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, then it’s only normal to want to impress your in-laws and gain his/her parents’

  • PublishedFebruary 24, 2020

If you really love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, then it’s only normal to want to impress your in-laws and gain his/her parents’ approval and love. After all, they will become your family members and you’ll interact with them a lot after settling with their son or daughter. It’s important to get off on the right foot with the in-laws because first impressions and how you carry yourself the first time will often dictate how they’ll treat you afterwards. Here’s a survival guide for meeting your in-laws the first time.



Acquire information before the meeting

Get to know your lover’s family by asking your lover as many questions as possible about their parents. That way, when you do meet them, you won’t be taken by surprise with their mannerisms or habits. Ask about the language they usually use, the traditional food they like preparing for guests and the culture so you’ll know how to conduct yourself in their presence. Some people bow in front of their parents while others avoid physical contact as a sign of respect.
You’ll know what they expect from you before meeting them if you just inquire.

Dress appropriately

Dress decently and respectfully depending on their cultural and religious beliefs. If you are a Christian woman and your lover is a Muslim, you may have to cover up yourself while entering their homestead. Some cultures believe it’s disrespectful to wear skinny jeans or skirts that ride high on the thighs so inquire and know which outfit is the best.

Bring a gift

You can bring a gift when meeting your in-laws the first time. Some men bring gifts when meeting their women’s parents for the first time. It’s not a must but it’ll show that you were considerate and gifts have a way of warming people up. If you don’t know what to bring, ask their daughter, she has lived with her parents for years and will know what will please them.

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Answer questions respectfully and patiently

Obviously they’ll be curious to know who this person is their child has brought them. Prepare for questions that will touch on your religion, work, family, past and your intentions with their child. Some parents may communicate with strong accents or delve into funny memories of their child, so listen patiently and answer respectfully.

Don’t ignore your lover

You’ve visited to know more about your lover’s parents but that does not mean you ignore your lover and fully focus on the parents. Some parents want to see you two interact so they know how you guys relate with each other and if you can handle their child’s personality. If conversation shifts to your lover, don’t assume their presence. Treat them lovingly in their parents’ presence, and you might impress your in-laws.

Be yourself please

Parents have ways of knowing if you are genuinely yourself or you are putting up a front. Don’t be pretentious with the aim of winning them over, it may even drive them away. Be truly yourself. If their child loved you, there are high chances that they’ll love you too. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Be confident and you may impress your in-laws.

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