6 finger foods for toothless babies

6 finger foods for toothless babies
  • PublishedJune 4, 2022

Just because your little one has no teeth does not mean you cannot introduce them to new flavours and textures they might enjoy. Babies can totally mash foods with their gums. You can help them adapt to the movements involved in chewing, swallowing and grasping with these finger foods.

Avocado: Avocados are remarkably soft and their creamy texture will appeal to your little one. They are also rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. They promote liver health and are thus recommended for children recovering from jaundice and hepatitis. Cut the ripe avocado into pieces your baby can easily pick up. Do not force them to take it if they do not like it the first time. After all, this is also a good time to determine which foods your baby is drawn to and the ones they cannot stand.

Bananas: Your baby can have them either ripe or cooked. For the ripe ones, cut them into small slices that your baby can use to practice their pincer grasp. For the cooked, boil the banana and let it cool before giving it just a slight mash: do not puree it.

Carrots: Carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A, which is vital to a developing baby’s diet. For best results, steam them instead of boiling them so as to preserve the vitamins. Peel them before boiling so your baby can have an easier time digesting them. Cut round foods like carrots and grapes in four pieces lengthwise and then into small pieces.

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Potato: Often, potatoes are most babies’ first food. Not only are they easy to prepare, but also they are also soft and easily dissolve in their toothless mouths. Boil or steam them but take care not to overcook them. Dice them into portions your baby can pick and eat.

Butternut: Peel the butternut, wash and dice before boiling. They fall apart quite easily so also take care not to overcook them. Skip the salt and serve when cooled.

Beans: Beans are the go-to source of proteins. After you boil them, give them a little squeeze or mash so they may be more convenient for your baby to eat and to also reduce their potential risk as choking hazards.

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