6 grooming mistakes that men make

6 grooming mistakes that men make
  • PublishedMay 25, 2022

Personal grooming reflects a lot about you as a person. It reflects your ability to take care of yourself and your ability to take care of small details such as your own body. Certain grooming mistakes can damage your image and should be avoided. Some common grooming mistakes that men make include:

Long nail on the pinky finger

Even though the long nail on the pinky finger held significance among men in the Asian culture, the practice has become outdated and there is nothing good about a long nail on your pinky anymore.

It is even worse for your image when the same nail you are fighting so hard to keep harbours dirt, bends and discolours. Therefore, pay attention to your nails both for the sake of your image and to keep you from  accidents associated with a nail getting caught in garments or knocked on a hard surface.

Ill-fitting pants that leave part of your bum exposed

Wearing an ill-fitting suit that is almost busting at the seems is one thing but when you leave your entire sitting allowance exposed that should be declared a crime. Always wear clothes that cover your nakedness, to avoid making others uncomfortable and you being embarrassed.

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Skipping a pedicure

A pedicure is essential because it helps to remove the hard, dead skin cells from your feet thus leaving your feet looking and feeling soft. Pedicures also prevent your feet from developing callouses and cracks which may not look good on you, especially when wearing sandals.

Even better is the fact that a pedicure ensures that your toenails are clean which is crucial as dirty toenails can attract jiggers. Also, when you get a pedicure, your toenails are clipped to a sizeable length and thus you can say goodbye to torn socks.

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6 reasons you should get a MANicure
A manicure is like a spa day but for your hands. When getting a manicure, you get a massage that helps improve your blood circulation and relieve tension on your hands.

Avoiding varnish on their fingernails

After getting the manicure, go a step further and apply a clear coat of varnish on top of your nails. There’s nothing emasculating about wearing varnish. In fact, if you are confident enough to wear coloured polish, please go ahead and enjoy. Varnish gives a gloss that accentuates the beauty and shape of your nails

The biggest misconception among men is that vanish is feminine. However, this is not the case because it is also a good way to protect your nail from extreme weather elements and discolouration. Try it today and see how it makes you look at your hands differently.


While you may not apply tons of makeup on your face, neglecting personal grooming is not the way to go. By avoiding the mistakes in this article, you will be well on your way to the list of perfectly groomed men!

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