Working from home sounds all cute and nice, until the loneliness and lack of motivations sets in. Being that there is nobody to really get you to focus, you can end up not being productive while working from home. With these simple tips, you can now start working from home productively.

Get out of your night clothes

Wake and put on your day’s clothes. Being in your PJs in itself confines you in your comfort zone. The clothes you wear affects both your mood and energy. Get out of your PJs to get you in the right mood for work.

Clean up your desk

Having a cluttered desk will points to a cluttered mind. You will find sitting at your work desk so burdensome if it is not tidy. Rid your desk of all unnecessary items and replace them with motivating pictures.

Right the day’s plans

Working from home means you can get lost in one activity for so long, or not give enough attention to another. Schedule your and allocate each activity enough time, and try as much as possible to stick to it.

Watch what, and how you eat

When working from home, there are two extreme possibilities: eating all day as you work or being so engrossed in your work you forget to eat. Try to  avoid either extremes and make sure you have a wholesome diet.

Know when to stop

While most offices close at a certain time, you are your own boss when working from home. This does not mean you  can work endlessly. Know when to stop  and catch a break, eat or sleep. This way you will look forward to the next day of work.

Step outside

Do not be confined to the house

Step out for some  fresh air and a short walk. It will clear your mind and keep you motivated.

Have a productive day!