When we start working, we behave very well, take initiative and usually do more than asked to avoid being branded unprofessional. However, as you get more used to the co-workers and work environment, you may start slacking as the need to be in your best behavior reduces.


If this happens, you may pick up very unprofessional habits that may get you fired. Some very unprofessional things you may be doing at work include;

Coming very late to work

You may not even be aware you’re doing something wrong because you’ve become so accustomed to coming late. You may think no one cares but bosses or some co-workers do, especially if you play a crucial role in the company and everyone depends on you to finish your tasks before they can start or proceed with theirs.

Coming to the office drunk as a skunk

If you show up to work drunk, high after using drugs or put liquor in your water bottle to sneak sips at work – that is unprofessional. Most offices have very tough rules when it comes to sobriety, and this behavior will get you fired sooner or later.

Being rude

Imagine being the reason your co-workers hate their work simply because you are rowdy, aggressive or downright rude to co-workers. The office is a professional space and you should conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Producing low quality work

Not being as productive as expected is being unprofessional. This is mostly for those workers who spend more time gossiping instead of working. They produce low quality or sub-standard results because there’s no one who will police their work or ask any questions. This in turn causes other workers to pick up after you and do more than their share of work. This can cause resentment among staff.

Taking unnecessary leave days/sick days

Some workers become tired with the constant routine of waking up very early and leaving work very late. In these situations, some are tempted to ask for fake sick leaves so as to get time to do other things or attend fun functions. If you do not show up for work when you should, the extra work is pushed over to your co-workers who will not take it kindly.

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Submitting tasks late

Not completing a work assignment on time or postponing the date of submission is being unprofessional. It shows that you are either a serial procrastinator or just down right lazy. Granted, you might be having a tough time back home. However, you can easily ask for help if you need it.

Disrespecting leaders

Some workers show disrespect to their supervisors and leaders by ignoring their requests, gossiping about them or failing to complete assigned tasks with lame excuses. Some also harass and pick fights with co-workers, thus making the work environment toxic rather than productive.

Not wearing professional attire

Some workers ignore the company’s dressing code and come to work with unprofessional attires. Some companies are very strict on dressing codes, with some taking action against employees who fail to follow the rules.