7 inexpensive ways to save water at home

7 inexpensive ways to save water at home
  • PublishedApril 5, 2022

Even though water covers at least 75% of the planet, only 1% is palatable. Therefore, water as a basic need is fast becoming a rare and expensive commodity due to reasons that are beyond us like climate change and the fact that the human population is growing too. Even then, water is the most sort after resource because it supports life and industry development.

For instance, in homes, water is very versatile, since it is used for cooking, cleaning and consumption. In between these uses, it is possible to lose water which can lead to a high meter reading which translates to high payments. Nonetheless, it is possible to detect the various ways in which water is wasted and correct them as follows:

Repair leaks

The biggest reason for water loss is leaking pipes or taps that are not properly fastened. Water lost through leaks could have otherwise been put to good use. Moreover, the bill from such wastage makes families spend exorbitant amounts on water that they did not even put to use.

As a result, it is important to monitor water usage and investigate for leaks in case the Math does not add up. If you discover a leak, be very quick to repair it including fixing faulty taps.

Do not leave taps running

It is a common habit in homes to leave a tap running as you quickly take care of something else. This habit, however, is very wasteful since it is very easy to get distracted in the process and forget about the running tap. This has times without number led to flooded homes destroying books and electronics in the process.

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Harvest rainwater if you can

If your house allows it, make a point of harvesting rainwater which is usually free but  goes to waste most of the time because of a lack of capacity to harness runoff water. This water when purified and treated in homes can be used even for drinking.

Even if you cannot purify rainwater, you can repurpose it by using it to clean your house or car. Your aim at any particular point should be to use water optimally even if it means repurposing.

Teach your children the importance of water and how to save it

Children out of ignorance may waste water because to some extent it amuses them. To avoid this, teach them at a tender age that wasting water denies other people access to the same resource. Let them understand how impossible it would be to have a comfortable home without water.

Use a glass when brushing teeth

Try doing this today and measure the amount of water you would have used if you were not using a glass. You will notice that your hands cannot do a better job than a cup.

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Consider constructing a pit latrine

The modern types of toilets require the use of water. Therefore, it is possible to spend too much water flushing the toilet than is necessary. Therefore, if you are in a location where you can dig a pit deep enough to use as a toilet it would save you water to a great extent.

Just make sure that when you are digging your pit latrine, the water table is low enough to prevent contamination of groundwater. Consult a groundwater surveyor beforehand in case this is the direction you wish to take.

Recycling and reusing your water

Recycling and reusing water is something that has been undertaken since time immemorial in homes. However, feelings of privilege are killing this precious custom even though it can be used to save water. Therefore, use the water you clean your clothes with to tidy your home or your car instead of throwing it outside

In conclusion

Saving water reduces pressure on the meagre resource, it also avails more of it for distribution to areas that did not have access to adequate water before. So be your brother’s keeper!

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