7 quick and effective job hunting tips

Job hunting in corporate Kenya can be an uphill task. These days it takes more than having a degree or Masters because there are so many out there just like

  • PublishedMarch 6, 2020

Job hunting in corporate Kenya can be an uphill task. These days it takes more than having a degree or Masters because there are so many out there just like you. To survive you have to set yourself apart from other graduates with the same qualifications. We have put together a list of 7 top tips to get you in the door and on your way to your dream career.

Take a walk

If you sit at home waiting for email responses from recruiters you will wait a long time. Take the free time to avail yourself physically to offices. You will be made aware of vacancies before they are posted online or even one’s that would have probably gone to employee’s relatives.

You should also put your networking skills to test at this point. Ask your friends, family, classmates and lecturers at school. You never know where your opportunity will come from.

Follow up with hiring managers

In your search for a job you might be told to try again at another time. The recruiters aren’t always trying to blow you off. Keep their contacts are ask every once in a while about the position. People get busy and a good chance could pass you by because you gave up too easily.

If you are always in their emails chances are they will call you for an interview just to get you off their backs. Your potential employer is likely to be impressed by your eagerness to get the position.

Adjust your CV accordingly

So you Googled how to write a CV and made an impressive one. Even so it may not be applicable for all jobs you apply for. When going through job descriptions you best check for ways you can make yourself seem like the best candidate for it.

Use key words and phrases that they will be sure to be on the look out for. The longer you job hunt the more compromises you are willing to make. There is no shame in that, the end justifies the means.

Loosen up

During the interview period you should know how to act. You know about being on time, looking presentable and being articulate. That being said too much of it will have you come across as a robot. You don’t want the reason you missed out on a job be because you bored the panel. Avoid giving responses that sound crammed.

Smile, break the ice with a joke, admit that you are nervous, endear yourself to them. How to leave a lasting impression after a job interview.

Send personalised thank-you notes

It is tempting to send automated replies or not reply at all to feedback from a hiring manager. Especially when the response was a turn down. Be a good sport, even if you’re disappointed. The thank-you note basically expresses how you appreciate that they took their time to talk to you. That puts you in a better place to be reconsidered for future vacancies.

No skills? List goals

Just because you cannot do everything in the job description does not mean you should not apply. Express your desire to learn the skill in your CV and during the interview. Refrain from fabricating stories about things you cannot do because it shows dishonesty. Some companies if taken by you can offer to train you in the field. Nobody ever looks for perfection,  give it a try.

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