Fitness enthusiasts take care of their bodies by exercising, eating a healthy balanced diet and looking after their mental health. Apart from the advantages associated with being dedicated fitness enthusiasts, they can also make money.

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Here are some income-generating activities that can act as a side hustle for fitness junkies.

Personal trainers

Some people hire personal trainers to achieve their overall body weight goals. The personal trainer advises them on the most effective exercise routines, the best food to eat and motivates them to follow the guidelines until the goals are achieved. A personal trainer can earn quite a handsome amount amount if they know how to position themselves.

Gym instructors

Fitness enthusiasts can apply for gym instructor positions where there are vacancies. This job does not only allow you to train others to achieve their dream bodies and health goals, it also allows you to get paid to exercise using all the high quality machines.

Fitness gurus

A fitness enthusiast, who does not want to train people, can share his/her expertise using social media platforms. Some fitness enthusiasts just record themselves exercising and share the videos on YouTube. Others choose an easier path and just share unique and useful tips with other fitness junkies on social media.

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A fitness enthusiast can help people achieve their fitness dream goals by advising them on the proper food to eat and the proper ways to exercise. Some share plant-based diets, vegan diets or herbal juices that help with weight loss. However, you may need to get formal education or put a disclaimer that the information shared is acquired through research and not given by a trained medical professional.


Yoga instructors

For those who love calmer ways of exercising, being a yoga instructor can be a fruitful venture. It is peaceful, the movements help enhance flexibility and the whole exercise also aims at attaining a peaceful state of mind. This is a new niche in most African countries, and you can capitalize on it.



Some fitness enthusiasts take things to the next level and pursue education in dietetics so they can be able to practice that profession. If you’re a young fitness enthusiast, a profession in your line of passion could be a fruitful and happy venture.


Join non-profits for health campaigns

One could take up a role in an organization that advocates for better living and leading a healthy lifestyle. The position may not be full time and may help to increase your monthly income. Organizations campaigning against obesity are also good ones to apply to.