8 rules to follow when planning a bachelor party

Most of us have watched one or all the ‘Hangover’ movies by now, and we have seen how this western tradition can go off the rails in one night. As

8 rules to follow when planning a bachelor party
  • PublishedOctober 27, 2021

Most of us have watched one or all the ‘Hangover’ movies by now, and we have seen how this western tradition can go off the rails in one night.

As much as we were entertained by the hilarious series of crazy events that happened between the beginning of the bachelor party night and the morning of the wedding, we know no one would want to experience having a best friend lost or kidnapped.

Every guy deserves to have one last fun and memorable night before his wedding and still make it to their bride in the morning. So, to ensure that happens, here are some bachelor party rules to follow.

Stag night/weekend planner

As the maid of honour is in charge of the bachelorette party on the bride’s side, the groom’s best man is in charge of the “groom’s last night/weekend of freedom” also known as a stag night.

The best man is solely responsible for planning the event venue, food, entertainment, drinks and transport. He is the one who knows the groom best, so as to plan something the groom to be will enjoy.  He is also responsible of keeping the groom’s integrity. It’s best not to have many party planners to avoid problems.

The guest list comes from the groom


We have all heard of wedding crashers or just party crashers, so to avoid this, the groom himself should handpick the guests he wants. This list should so many people because that might be a lot to handle. Most fun stag nights have at most 8 guys who are the closest, most trusted and entertaining group the groom knows.

Designated driver


If there is going to be any movement of the group during the night/weekend, this job should not be given to any of the men on the guest list.  It is advisable to give this very important responsibility to a third party, someone who is not part of the celebration.

This is because you do not want to limit the fun of one guest on such a memorable night or weekend. The best man should organise transport by taxi, a rented party bus/minivan or have no movement at all. This means partying and sleeping in the same venue, for example a home or hotel.

Things you must NOT do when invited to a wedding
Avoid doing anything that would spoil your friends’ special day. Instead, go out of your way to try and make their day as memorable as you can if given the chance.

Groom doesn’t bring his wallet

It honestly wouldn’t be fair if the groom had to pay for his party, he’s already paying for the wedding! So on this night his friends or best man can finance this occasion. It’s can also be presented as a pre-wedding gift to the groom.

It’s not a university party!

Gentlemen, keep in mind you are no longer in university so party like responsible adults. Always remember that after the wedding some things will change, so try not to end a marriage that hasn’t even started yet. It is important not to go overboard with the fun and entertainment that might leave permanent consequences.

Emergency money


In reality, the best man might not have to pay off kidnappers to get another friend back, but they might need emergency money for small injuries/sickness acquired during the party. It’s best to have some extra cash just in case someone needs to be sent home early or needs to be bailed out of a police cell, for one reason or another.

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Consider the bride’s hobbies, personal traits and favourite items when selecting a gift. Whatever gift you choose is perfect as long as it comes from a place of love and thought.

It’s not over until the groom says so


Be it one night or a weekend, the party should not end until the groom says it’s over. He alone should start and end his party as it is “his last time’.

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In conclusion…

This generally only-male-activity is one to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, just as a wedding – unless under certain circumstances. If done well, it can be an amazing time and can bring a group of friends even closer.

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