It is consoling to know that even the king of all extroverts, the one who congregates the hyperactive members of society for an energy-filled moment, rests. Having some time alone comes automatically, sometimes even to the most unwilling. This time is usually used to recharge/rest.

However tempting it is to use your alone time to finalise on any pending tasks, it should strictly be for rest.

There are ways to enjoy your alone time, for instance:


Sleeping to make up for the days you were not able to rest well is one way to spend your alone time. You may be surprised that sleep will come unaided due to concealed fatigue. Rest is essential but often times responsibilities get in the way of it. However, a simple day off can be rejuvenating thus increasing your productivity.


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Reading exposes one to an array of ideas and a relaxing sensation.  Reading also keeps the mind young, healthy and sharp, with studies showing that reading can help prevent alzheimer’s disease. Your alone time can be used to catch up on a series of book releases that you may have missed.

Incorporating reading in your resting time implants ideas that may come in handy at a later time. There is a layman's saying that states "a book a day keeps the stupid away." So read even as you rest.


Meditation is  a great prerequisite to ample rest. According to Buddha, meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future.” Meditation clears the mind which is essential for a productive life.

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Self care including a skin care routine is important and may be done during your free time. Getting rid of excess dead skin is symbolic to shedding a layer of exhaustion that you carried around before your alone time.

When you eventually come back to your day to day activities of your life, you need to step out with a glow that implies the significance of the period of rest.

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