Men rarely take their skin seriously. This is assisted by the cultural traditions of Kenyan communities that project men as macho, thus skin care ranks low in their list of priorities. Unknown to many, proper skin care can help avoid conditions such as skin cancer. This is because some skin care routines and practices shields the skin from harsh UV light. It also keeps one looking their best for much longer. Here are some easy and simple skin care routines for men to ensure their skin is well tended to.


Cleansing opens the skin pores just enough to allow dirt out but not lose much-needed moisture. To cleanse your skin, wash your face with warm water as it helps open the pores just enough. The water shouldn’t be too hot as this can easily dry the skin and is counter productive. Contrary to popular trend, soap should not be used. This is because majority of soaps contain chemicals that are harsh to the face. The proper product to use is face wash. Lather the face wash on your face and rinse off with cold water. Cold water shrinks the pores and does not allow dirt back in.


The main purpose of this skin care routine is to remove dead skin and unclog blocked pores. When skin has a lot of dead skin it looks unhealthy and unpolished. Applying face scrub helps restore its richness while making it look much better. Scrubbing also helps make it easier to shave. When applied to the area to be shaved it makes it smoother and the blade cuts closer to the skin safely. This means one doesn’t have to shave so often and avoids razor bumps. This should be done at most twice a week. Over scrubbing can cause the skin to dry up as the pores are too open allowing escape of moisture.

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Moisturizing as a skin care routine is intended to restore hydration and replaces the moisture lost while cleansing and scrubbing. Moisturizer should be used in moderation depending on one’s skin type. If you have oily skin, a small amount should be used daily. If you have dry skin apply until the skin feels smooth enough to touch.

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