Avoid these foods for healthy skin

It is always said that clear skin is an inside job. Skin conditions e.g acne can sometimes be caused by unhealthy foods. Skin you are not comfortable in can really

  • PublishedSeptember 24, 2019

It is always said that clear skin is an inside job. Skin conditions e.g acne can sometimes be caused by unhealthy foods. Skin you are not comfortable in can really dent your confidence. Check your diet because ultimately plays a big role in your skin health. Here are some of the foods you are consuming that could be the cause of your skin woes, and alternative foods for healthy skin.


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Most fast food items are deep-fried in refined vegetable oils, such as peanut oil and are loaded with fats. While vegetable oils may sound healthy, they can aggravate skin conditions because they’re extremely high in omega-6 essential fatty acids.

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So, when we’re consuming too much omega-6s and not enough omega-3s— which are natural anti-inflammatories— our bodies are more likely to show common signs of inflammation: redness, swelling, pain, and the like.

When you know you’ll be eating on-the-go, avoid deep fried foods by keeping nuts, fruits and protein bars in your desk, purse or car glove box.The good thing is that many healthy fast food restaurants are becoming common e.g salad  and smoothie bars.


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Spicy food can trigger flare-ups in existing skin conditions, especially acne.

Acne and other inflammatory skin conditions are a sign of excess heat in the body and therefore, eating spicy foods, which have warming properties should be avoided.

While nothing can take the place of hot sauce and the many amazing flavours, it is only advisable that you use natural spices e.g tomatoes, dhanias etc to spice your food.

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Dairy products are bad for your skin because they can worsen an existing skin condition e.g acne or rashes. Furthermore, diary is a common food insensitivity. Most people are intolerant to the lactose found in diary products. Instead of consuming these products,  take  unsweetened nut milk like coconut and almond milk.


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Processed meats such as bacon, and meats such as chicken contain sodium, which can lead to water retention and can cause swelling and puffiness in your face. Also, studies show sodium nitrates, which are a preservative added to many processed foods, can break down collagen and elastin and may cause signs of premature aging.

Instead of taking processed meat, get raw meat and prepare it yourself.

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If your skin has one nemesis, it could be refined carbohydrates. “Refined carbs” refers to processed sugar and processed flour, which break down into sugar. Its food products include muffins, pastries, pasta, pizza crust, and white bread as well.These foods  may cause your body to produce more oil and clog your pores.

You can replace this with natural sweeteners e.g raw honey and apple sauce.


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Studies have shown regular caffeine consumption can increase your cortisol levels, which may impact your skin by causing inflammation, and throwing the rest of your hormones out of tandem.

Instead of caffeine, you can take herbal or plain tea.


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Nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats, but certain nuts naturally have a higher ratio of omega-6 essential fatty acids. Omega-6s are a pro-inflammatory nutrient that may trigger acne flare-ups and other skin conditions.

You can opt for nuts with a higher Omega 3 ratio such as macadamia and cashew nuts, instead of ground nuts.


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Alcohol contains sugar, which spikes blood sugar levels and may contribute to aging by depleting collagen. It’s also dehydrating, which prevents your skin from retaining moisture and can cause dark circles around your eyes.

Sure, there may be no real replacement for alcohol when you’re out for drinks with your friends. But sipping on a glass of coconut water instead of a boozy nightcap will be more likely to benefit your skin in the long-run.Otherwise, try sticking to clear spirits which are lower in sugar.

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