Actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Selina is pregnant with her second child. Catherine broke the news via her social media pages. She went ahead to mention that though they wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, she wanted to encourage hopeful mums, rainbow mums and career women who are trying to decide between their family and goals.

Actress Catherine Kamau

In a subsequent post, Catherine paid homage to her husband, Philip Karanja, describing him as a pillar of support. The actress, who became a mum as a teenager, wrote that Philip, an actor, director and CEO of Philit Productions, assured her he would never leave them. Catherine’s elder child is 13 years old.

The thirty-two-year-old got married to Philip in 2017 and the fact that it has been awhile without her getting pregnant made people to speculate she could be having fertility issues. In recent times, she has also had to downplay rumours that she is expecting a child.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Speaking to the Nairobian early this year, the Sue and Johnie actress cleared the air on why she is taking long to conceive.

“Let me set the record straight, my husband and I are planners. My husband is such a serious planner, he has things he needs to do before his baby comes. But now we have decided these plans have become too much and we are ready. I may conceive anytime,” she explained.

We wish the couple all the best.