9 must-haves for a cozy guest room

9 must-haves for a cozy guest room
  • PublishedJuly 27, 2021

When building your dream house you should consider having an extra bedroom that guests can use when they visit. When preparing your guest bedroom, comfort should be at the back of your mind as you want your guests to enjoy their stay with you.

While you may not necessarily give your guests a five-star hotel experience, there are certain things that your guest bedroom must have as follows:


Your guest or visitor may need to throw away little unwanted things from time to time. Having  the basket in the room will save the guest the hassle of going out of the room  each time to throw away waste.

Comfortable bed

A comfortable bed is a must-have. You do not want your guests waking up with aching bones in the morning. Invest in a strong bed and a comfortable mattress. Also add pillows of different colors to make the room more attractive. Make sure that the bedding is warm enough if you live in a cold area.

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Power outlets

Putting a convenient charging point for you guest will save them the trouble of moving around in the house to find a charging point. In the same breath, consider having a bed switch as it will help your guests move swiftly especially in the middle of the night.

A closet

Your guests will need some place to put their clothes and personal belongings and a closet works perfectly for this purpose. A closet also ensures that the room retains an organized look for the period your guest is using it.

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A mirror

In most cases you get guests during events especially family events and your guest may want to look great before stepping out of the house. The mirror will help in putting the different outfits together. If the guest is a lady, the mirror will be crucial in applying make up.

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Towels and basic toiletries

The guest may bring their own stuff to use, but do not rule out the possibility of one forgetting to bring. Always have in place an extra tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and lotion. Also, ensure the room has clean and extra towels for your guest to use.

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Water bottle and drinking glass

In the first few days of their visit, your guest may not be familiar with your house and may not be comfortable walking around. Therefore, you can have a water bottle and a glass in their room to save them the trouble of having to walk to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night.

Bed side table

Your guest may require somewhere near the bed to keep essential personal items such as a watch, eye glasses and a book.

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Television set or radio

Though not compulsary, it would help to have an entertainment station in your guest room. This could be a TV set from where the guest can catch with their favorite movie stars or football team, or a radio from where they can listen to music and favourite programs.

Bonus tip…

Try sleeping in the guest room for a few days after you are done with the initial design and arrangement. This will help you identify what is missing that your guests may need.

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