A 94-year-old man in Nyeri, Nduhiu Njama, has decided to turn his Sh6 million mansion into a home for the elderly.

The mansion, which was built in 1992, sits on a six-acre plot in Kiawaithanji in Tetu Constituency, Nyeri County.

The retired teacher and father of six decided to give away his home after realizing that young people, who should take care of the elderly, were relocating into the cities in search of jobs.

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Due to his age, Mr Njama, knows too well how important it is for the elderly to be comfortable and well-taken care of in their sunset years.

“Before my wife died in 2003, we always wanted to do something to give back to society but had not decided on what to do. Since she is now gone, I’ve no one to share the property with,” Mr Njama told Nation.

In 2015, Mr Njama opened a rescue centre called the Gladys and Njama Foundation for bright but needy girls who can’t afford to pay for their secondary school.

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The foundation will now be the new custodian of his mansion and one for the first things on its agenda will be to renovate the home. The next agenda will be to vet the neediest cases, then from there, Mr Njama will proceed to Nairobi to live with his children.

Mr Njama’s family is not surprised by his decision to give away his assets.

“We always knew he was a man with a generous heart and did not object his wish that part of our inheritance is used for the construction of a home for the aged,” Mr Njama’s granddaughter June Njama told Nation.