A gentleman's experience at Catherine Kariuki's StepMum Brunch

When my editor assigned me the task of attending what I believed to be an all-women event, I was hesitant to go. I remember telling her that my anxiety has

A gentleman's experience at Catherine Kariuki's StepMum Brunch
  • PublishedAugust 6, 2021

When my editor assigned me the task of attending what I believed to be an all-women event, I was hesitant to go. I remember telling her that my anxiety has shot through the roof. To worsen the situation, we were to attend the event with a female colleague only for the brief to be changed to one person-me. “Who is going to keep me company at the event?” I kept asking myself.

Stylish, elegant and floral was the theme of the day!

However, Saturday, 31st July 2021 was an unforgettable day for me. Contrary to my fears, I was relaxed and cool and even as much as my fashion sense ‘belongs to the streets’, I fit in to the theme of the event which was floral. I made a friend too!

Alex Kaniaru- Parents Magazine

The StepMum Brunch went down in style at the Zen Garden based in Lower Kabete. An unparalleled event aimed at acknowledging, celebrating and honouring step mums and the wonderful contributions they make in their families.

Hosted and convened by the ever-stylish, beautiful and gorgeous Mrs Catherine Njeri Kariuki, the creator of Fashionable Stepmum, the event was nothing short of beautiful people, with lots of happiness, color, pomp and good vibes.

Catherine Kariuki aka The Fashionable Stepmum

Catherine is a kindergarten teacher and a mother of six: four step-children and two biological ones. She started her blog Fashionable Step Mum to share her transition from a single girl to a step mum, as well as her style evolution over the years.

It was an afternoon to learn one or two things about step-parenting. Filled with joy and love, moms from blended families assembled to honor, share and celebrate their journeys.

Step-parenting isn’t always easy and in most cases it has been associated with the evil stepmum stereotype as most stepmums are perceived to be cruel to their partners child(ren).

However, times have changed and the society now is more accepting of step-parenting, to the extent of giving it a new term- blended family (where one or both partners have at least one child from a previous relationship and are living together as a family). This event was proof of that.

How to introduce your children to a new partner after divorce
Introducing someone new into your child’s life to replace your now divorced partner has to be one of the most challenging moments in parenting.

Guest Speakers at the event were Dr. Kristina Sule (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist), Susan Wanjiku (Personal Finance & Business Coach) and the ever-funny Carolyne Wanjiku, popularly known as Teacher Wanjiku. The moms were treated to informative talks on an array of topics including intimacy, infertility, parenting, financial planning and how to get through a blended family.

Dr Kristine Sule

Finance coach Susan

Teacher Wanjiku

Other notable personalities present at the event were popular actress Catherine Kamau-Karanja aka Kate Actress, Nancie Mwai (fashion and lifestyle influencer), Muthoni Mukiri and Wambui Collymore.

Catherine Kamau looked great in this number from Style By NeomiFashionable StepMum Catherine and Shop New Level Founder Nancie Mwai

The moms showed up in style, flaunting their beautiful floral dresses, complementing the theme of the event and turning the heads of the few men that were present, including me.

PS: Photos in this article are courtesy of Maingi Kabera. Maingi is an impressive photographer and a great human too! Check him out on the socials.

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Editor’s note: The writer, Alex Kaniaru, is a digital media executive at Parents Magazine. He is responsible for Parents brand management online, social media management and content creation among others.

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