Annoying Things African Mothers Do

Rudyard Kipling once said that God could not be everywhere and therefore He created mothers. He could not be more right. Everything mothers do is a symbol of their affection

  • PublishedDecember 17, 2018

Rudyard Kipling once said that God could not be everywhere and therefore He created mothers. He could not be more right. Everything mothers do is a symbol of their affection to us and no matter how annoying,  we love them all the more.

Here are some of the annoying things  African mothers have specialised in

1.Scolding you in public

One mistake and your mother will give you a dose of her scolding without even caring that you are in public and the kind of embarrassment she is causing you.

2. Being your designer

That dress is too short, too tight, I don’t like its color, it would look better on your younger sister are just some of the comments from mum when you think you have dressed to kill. They never seem like your clothes and they will instead buy you what they think is best, even if you end up looking like an overgrown clown!

3.Chores chores and more chores

Just when you are starting to enjoy your favorite TV programme after a mountain load of chores, that is the time they will find more work for you. They will even yell more chores while you are performing other chores. Mothers don’t seem to think their children get tired. When you dare complain they will give you a lecture on how they are working so hard to provide for ungrateful kids.

4. Trying to be your best friend

Mothers will expect you to tell them everything about your life from that annoying teacher, your friends, your job, your boyfriend, luring you by giving you details of their own life. Do not forget that the details you give them about your private life will one day be used against you. “Is this the Tom you told me has three baby mamas?” she will blurt out when you introduce your friend Tom.

5. Commenting on your weight

No weight is ever good for you according to your mother. It either you are too fat or too thin for her liking. They will blame any weight gain to the many hours you stare at the TV and your phone. Losing weight is also a no for them and they will constantly remind you how you are embarrassing her. “People will think that I do not feed my kids” she will say to coerce you to put on some more weight.

6. Blaming everything on your phone

From your low grades in school, burnt food in the kitchen to a headache… your phone will always bear the brunt. They will threaten to confiscate your phone on slight provocation. The only time they forgive you for being addicted to your phone is when they want you to show them how to use a certain application or feature in their phone.

7. Comparing you to other kids

Your mom will always tell you how your cousins, her friend’s children, or the neighbor’s kids are very hardworking, obedient or how religious they are, never mind that you know them better than she does. They will never tell how good you in your face, but will not hesitate to brag to her friends of how amazing you are in your absence.

8. Being too dramatic.

Most mothers are too superstitious and will try to relate every happening to something that will sound so ridiculous. A slight headache and your mum is over herself trying to get you to the best hospital she knows despite your assurance that you will be fine.  They can even wake you up in the wee hours of the night to pray just because they “heard” some people walking outside the house whom they think are thieves.

Despite all these annoying habits, we love you mothers. Keep being extra!

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