Are domestic chores a woman's marriage benchmark?

  • PublishedJanuary 27, 2020

Many in an African context agree that some ‘wife’ roles were already structured by our ancestors. Today, many wonder whether those ancestors making the societal gender roles included women in that decision making. Would the women have agreed to be boxed into cooking, doing laundry and cleaning? Domestic chores are greatly left for the woman even in modern-day society, but, are they really what spice up a marriage?


Domestic chores can be shared

What is the essence of love if one party is burdened? If your partner does not help in domestic chores, it is time to rethink the marriage. Sometimes you need to evaluate when it is time to leave. However, before getting that far, a woman can enjoy chores if shared. People attach a lot of negativity and inferiority to house chores. On the contrary, those chores are your life-line, a gear that keeps the whole engine moving. Have fun together by sharing chores and communicating of your day’s escapades while at it.

You can invest in machines

Machines make work easier and there’s more to do than spending 3 hours doing basic chores. You can invest that time into having intimate conversations with your spouse that will take your family forward. Remember, the point of marriage is primarily companionship. A dishwasher, washing machine, pressure cooker, and many other appliances can evade you from a rocky phase of marriage. All because you will have ample time to communicate with each other. Win-win!

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How about eating out?

With the volcano of inexpensive food delivery services today like Glovo and UberEats, one cannot say that eating other foods is off the menu. If you don’t know how to make the perfect Biryani or curry, there are many chefs behind restaurant doors help bring balance to your marriage. Indeed, as a woman who goes to work and gets off late after beating the traffic, ordering take-outs is a way out the rat-race. Your husband will even enjoy a more professionally done meal, with the right balance of spice and flavor. Now that is a plus to your marriage.

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Delegate the duties

With the shift of work environment today, more women are finding themselves in the work scene, aiming to break glass ceilings. Your marriage is bound to suffer if you leave work tired and expected to wear the domestic worker apron alone. With the money earned, choosing to invest in a good domestic manager saves you time and fatigue. Have a well-laid-out plan for them and guide them to work as per your wishes. With this, you are assured a healthier you, and healthier marriage. Don’t fret, you do not stop being a wife because you have let someone do the house duties.

Being open-minded in today’s era is crucial in a family setting. While many avoid these topics during the dating stage, they catch up with you fast once married. All in all, avoid being caged into thinking that a man’s love for you is composed of domestic work completion. What happens in the robotic age when everything will be automated? Better yet, enjoy doing the chores together as the house belongs to you both.

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