Relationships are avenues for a future family life if well nurtured. However, for a relationship to thrive, couples should be in harmony, in love and at peace with one another. Despite that, there are mistakes that you could be making unconsciously in your relationship. Here are some behaviors that could ruin your relationship.

Lack of communication

Communication is one major thing that lead to a successful relationship. Communicating is a way of getting close to people’s hearts thus the means of communicating is a key factor. Texting too much instead of calling may create a distance between people. A voice call may mean a lot to your partner as they can feel your presence.


It is important to know your partner desires, tastes and preferences. Intimate life is key connection behind a relationship. Understanding each other well and having conversations about intimacy is important in any relationship. Without intimacy in a relationship poses a risk of disconnection and a possible break up.

Being too egocentric

Thinking all about yourself and paying little attention to your partner can break your relationship. Give your partner a priority in you to create a strong bond in the relationship. Get to know what he or she is doing and assist where possible. Moreover, sharing with and involving him or her in your life is all you need to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Lying to please

It is normal to get emotional and upset on some issues. However, hiding anger to please your partner would worsen your relationship with time. When your partner wrongs you, it is right to say the truth and correct the matter to avoid possible repercussions. Living beyond your abilities could tempt you to lie. Just avoid promises that you can’t make to save your relationship.

Denying mistakes

Denying your mistakes shows how irresponsible you are and can stir up complications in your relationship. Similarly, seeing a mistakes in your relationship and failing to admit it risks a chaotic relationship. It is normal to make mistakes and we learn from our own mistakes.