Ever wondered why it takes years to get a coin from him? Or why your dates are limited to certain areas? Or maybe why you have never had the luxury of a holiday? An article by Standard reveals some traits that show your man is stingy.

  1. He is always at the receiving end when it comes to drinks with his buddies. He can never buy drinks.
  2. His wardrobe is literally a blast from the past, and he considers spending some money on new ones- for himself and you- a waste of money.
  3. A holiday for him is a reserve for the rich. As such, he prefers nature walks around the city during the weekends and that’s as far as it goes.
  4. He constantly turns down your suggestions for dates and prefers dates at home with homemade coffee, popcorn and a movie.
  5. When he does take you out, he knows the cheapest restaurants in town.
  6. You have been splitting the bill since your first date. No, he is not letting his ego slide, he is just stingy!
  7. To him, the kiosk right next to your house is just as good as the supermarket. He will not create a window for impulse shopping at all costs.
  8. No one can beat him at bargaining in the market. He is extremely patient if it means paying a shilling less.
  9. He is comfortable and unusually satisfied when someone else is picking up the bills.
  10. Birthdays and anniversaries are very stressful days for him, as he thinks of ways to avoid spending money on gifts.