Fathers are a vital figure in our lives. The toil and support they give to make sure their families lack nothing is amazing. They should be honored often and made aware that their actions are cherished.

Father's Day happens on the third Sunday of June every year making it on 20th this year. On this day, we celebrate our fathers and show them they are loved and valued. Whatever you choose to do for him does not have to be the biggest gesture. As long as it comes from a place of love, it will be appreciated with joy.

Here are some of the best gifts you could give your dad this coming Sunday;

Make his favorite meal

Food usually has its way to someone's heart and what better way to celebrate your father than through sharing a great meal? On this day, make his favorite meal and have it with him. Gather other family members and enjoy the meal together as you catch up on life.

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Visit him

If it has been a while since you saw your dad, take time off and visit him. His eyes will light up at your presence. As much as fathers rarely say words like "I miss you", deep down they do. Visiting them would be a great highlight and the best gift you could ever give. Spend time with him, catch up on life and laugh at old memories.

Gift card

Cards have a way of communicating our deepest feelings and emotions to someone. Get a card and write to him expressing your gratitude for his role in your life. Appreciate him and let him know that you value him. He will be able to look at your card in the future, read the words and a smile will form on his face.

Coffee maker

There's something about dads and coffee. It is safe to say this is their favorite beverage. If your father is a coffee person, go all in and get him a coffee maker. Everyday he makes his coffee, he will be thinking of you!

Bottle of wine

Get him his favorite bottle and pop it together to celebrate his years of health and life. Invite others to the celebration and toast to him while giving speeches of praise.

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Games and puzzles

Get him some games and puzzles to jog his mind. Mind games and puzzles are usually a favorite among dads. Some of the games you could get him include scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, monopoly, a stack of cards and many other options. You could challenge him to a game and bond over it.

Customized mug

What is a father's day without a customized mug stating he is the world's greatest dad? You could print other thoughtful phrases on the mug that show how you feel about them. Employ humor too and get as creative as you want.

Get him a book

By him a book from his favorite author and if possible, get it signed. If your dad loves reading, the best gift you could get him is a book. Find something he could be interested in, wrap it up and present it to him.

Happy gift-hunting!


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