Big age gap between siblings-pros and cons

Big age gap between siblings-pros and cons
  • PublishedJune 23, 2021

Parents who give birth while young will tend to take their time before having another one and this might be in years. Some prefer to space their children due to personal preferences. Instances of miscarriages also affect the interval at which children are born into a family. If you are considering a big age gap between your children, here are some things to remember before making your final decision:


Less sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry comes as a result of fighting over resources or the same interests. In the case of an older and younger sibling, their interests are practically two worlds apart. There are rare chances of them being competitive with each other because they will be at different stages. Often times the younger one respects the older one creating an element of obedience between them.

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Raising responsible children

Big age gaps task older children with responsibility over the young ones. They learn how to take care of, and protect them from a young age. This in turn helps the young one have someone to look up to. They find a mentor in their siblings and grow up to be as responsible as them.

Study shows that younger siblings are more likely to accept direction from a sibling that is four years older and above than one that is just two years older or less. By spacing your children with large gaps, you are able to raise responsible children.


You automatically have a baby-sitter when you have an older child at the time of your delivery. They can change their diapers, put them to sleep and even wash them. This gives you less hectic time as a new mum because you have someone to count on for help.

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Ample time with each child

Large spacing between children allows you, as a parent, to give undivided attention to each child. They all have their period making it less overwhelming compared to handling a toddler and a baby at the same time. Also as a parent, you are able to take some time off from nursing a baby and do it all over again once you are ready.

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Future pregnancy complications

Delaying giving birth for an older parent can make your next pregnancy challenging as your capability to sustain a pregnancy decreases after 35 for most women.  Speak to a health practitioner on risks involved in late births and ask questions on the timing of your future pregnancies.

Incompatibility between the siblings

Siblings with big age gaps struggle with being compatible as they have totally different intrigues. The little one might want to watch a colorful musical while the older kid might be into movies at the moment. This narrows their bonding activities, hence creating a rift in their relationship. You will be tasked with finding activities that a suitable for both of them in order to maintain the bond.

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