As the new month fast approaches you probably discovered that some of the resolutions you set out for this new year have not all been accomplished however we should not lose heart. Here are some  ways to increase your productivity in this new month so that you accomplish those goals you set for the year:

Create a new system

By now you probably have a way you do your things and you have become aware of areas where things are not running smoothly, for example, you probably decided to do your book reading at  lunch time but you find yourself occupied by then, or you had planned to go to the gym every evening but you now have meetings that force you to work late at night, this does not have to cause you to be discouraged just create a new system, for example, push the book reading to a time when you are not too occupied same goes for gym.

 Follow 80/20 rule

Only 20 percent of what you do each day accounts for the 80 percent you produce that day, therefore, ensure that you cut out things that don’t matter. So that what you produce is of value.

Get some time alone

Investing on some time alone to find yourself before getting cluttered with a bunch of emails is a good way to help you know where you are getting off track and where you need to improve and in the long run, you are able to make progress in achieving your goals.

 Have a journal

Writing down your journey bit by bit helps you accomplish your goals and also helps you discover areas that you would need to work on as well, alerting you on where you are strong as well as areas that may come out as threats to you.

Don’t say yes to every request

To ensure that you are productive learn to know when to say yes and when to say no at requests that may come your way learn to distinguish between what is needful at that particular time and what isn’t.