Building bridges or building barriers initiative

Building bridges or building barriers initiative
  • PublishedOctober 26, 2020

In politics, nothing is permanent. That statement is quite apt in Kenya’s current political scene. Former nemeses President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga now seem to be ‘besties’ because they want Kenyans to pass the BBI. They have in the process pushed out Uhuru’s deputy William Ruto out of their club. He has for months now been going around the country trying to get votes for the 2022 general election (COVID-19 notwithstanding). That is why they don’t want to play with him.

Raila and Uhuru. Photo: The Star

There are different politicians backing up each side but it seems those who side with Ruto end up suffering with him. From being locked out of meetings to some being threatened with impeachment and so on and so forth. If you ask me, I think its all an act they put up to influence how people will vote. We elect leaders along tribal lines and other petty reasons in the process losing lives and livelihood. After all that happens the very leaders have a cup of chai with huge slices of the national cake and plot the next script.

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As a responsible citizen you have to approach this from a logical and not emotional stand point. Think about how these changes will affect you individually, your family and the community. Most importantly put into consideration the marginalised in our society. Because how we treat our women, children, disabled, elderly and poor tells a lot about where we are going. When you get a copy read it thoroughly and get help interpreting the parts you do not understand. Read it to your older parents or grandparents so they wont end up blindly voting for things they don’ understand.

That way, I believe we will make a decision that will benefit us all in the long run.

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