Casey Adisa Marenge: Leading a successful life despite tragedy

  • PublishedMarch 31, 2014

Thirty-year-old Casey Adisa Marenge has risen above a tragedy that left her quadriplegic, to become the founder of an NGO, which, amongst other things, advocates for road safety both in Kenya and internationally. Casey recently innovated an exciting and entertaining board game to commemorate Kenya’s 50th anniversary.  She walks ESTHER KIRAGU through her story of courage and victory.

“You can just tap my hand,” says Casey Marenge when I seem unsure of how to greet her. She is quadriplegic – paralysed from her shoulders downwards – and on a wheelchair. I am at a loss how to be myself yet remain sensitive to her. Unaware of my anxiety, she makes it easy for me, smiling warmly and laughing heartily as we chat.… Subscribe to read more

Published on April 2014

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